The average roof is estimated to last homeowners around 20 to 30 years at a minimum. But what happens when those 20 years are up, or if something happens to the roof in the interim?

Roof damage is no joke and can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in extra repairs. Make sure that you’re keeping yourself and your family safe by reading this quick guide of five signs of roof damage, and how you can fix it!

1. Stained Roofing

This is a pretty common issue among those who live in areas with high humidity. Upon inspecting your roof, you may notice some shingles appear stained, or rotted.

While it’s certainly advisable that you immediately replace the shingle, it’s often a sign of a bigger problem. Roof rot is often caused by poor sealant between shingles.

As a result, moisture can leak between the shingles, rot away roofing boards, and leak into the home. Be sure to check any attic ceilings for potential damage.

When it comes to repairing a rotting roof, there’s little middle ground. You’ll either need to repair a few shingles or the entire roof.

If you’re comfortable repairing the roof yourself, don’t forget to double check that you have the proper materials such as glues and a hammer.

2. Loose Shingles

Roof damage isn’t always caused by the elements. Sometimes it’s simply caused by poor craftsmanship. If you didn’t get Affordable Roofing to repair your roof, you may see loose or missing shingles.

In some cases, a loose shingle can be more dangerous than a missing shingle. Loose roofing may come off, causing possible damage to anyone below.

If you notice any loose roofing, repair it immediately or give us a call. It may seem harmless enough, but it can be quite dangerous.

3. Warped Roofing

Again, this tends to happen in homes with shingles more than any other material. Warping will often occur a few years into a roof’s lifecycle depending on which material was used.

Often caused by heat or just poor materials, warped roofing is an absolute eyesore that can become a huge problem if not taken care of immediately. However, a quick fix of the single can remedy this.

4. Peeling Wallpaper

Wait, but this sign doesn’t even involve the roof, does it? Actually, it does, even if the problem area is inside of the home.

Ultimately, this is caused by moisture seeping into a home and getting into the walls. In turn, mold may start to grow and wallpaper will start to peel.

Make sure to check your attic for signs of moisture damage, particularly after heavy rainfall.

5. Cracked Materials

Of course, in some cases, your roof may actually function quite well for years at a time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still grab a ladder and check on it from time to time.

Cracked shingles aren’t merely a sign of roof damage, they’re a sign that it’s late in the roof’s life cycle.

Notice Roof Damage On Your Home? Let Us Help!

These are just five of the key signs of damage, but there are tons more that only an expert can detect. If you suspect your roofing is inadequate or in need of repair, give us a call!

We’re available for whatever you need, from an inspection to 24-hour emergency service! Stay safe and stay comfortable. Give us a call today.