Are you looking for a residential roofing company? Whether you need a roof replacement or just an inspection, you need to be sure you’re picking the right roofing company.

Not only that, you need to protect yourself from unscrupulous roofing companies.

Unfortunately, there are roofing companies that prey on homeowners.

There are questions you need to ask to protect yourself and your home.

Read on to learn what you should ask your residential roofing company.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

You want to be certain that your roofing company is licensed and insured.

They might say yes to both right away. With a little more digging, you can figure out if they have the right insurance and licenses.

If a company says they’re licensed, make sure it’s not just a business license. In Illinois, roofing contractors are required to pass an exam and maintain their license with the state.

You can also do your own research to make sure the license is in good standing.

With insurance, reputable roofing contractors will have both worker’s comp and general liability insurance.

The reason why worker’s comp insurance is important is that if a worker is injured on the job on your property, then you might be the one responsible for medical costs.

With residential roofing being a major percentage of construction fatalities, it’s important to be sure you’re protected.

A good follow up question to ask is if the residential roofing company uses subcontractors. If so, ask if those subcontractors have the appropriate licenses and insurance as well.

What is the Warranty of Your Work?

Usually, with roofing repairs and replacement, there are two warranties. One warranty is the manufacturer that will cover the material.

The other warranty is for the work. That’s covered by the residential roofing company.

The warranty for work is about a year for most companies.

Be sure you get a clear and concise answer as to what is covered by the roofing company by the manufacturer.

Also find out what’s not covered.

What Do You Do in Bad Weather?

This is important, especially in a roof replacement. The weather in the Chicago can be unpredictable.

One minute it’s hot and the sun is out. The next, a thunderstorm moves quickly through the area.

The last thing you want is your home to be exposed to the elements. A good roofing company has a plan to cover the job with tarps and plastic covers.

How Will You Protect My Yard?

A roofing company might need to bring heavy equipment onto your yard. You want to be sure that the company you use has a plan to protect your landscaping.

A Residential Roofing Company You Can Trust

You want to be prepared before you reach out to a roofing company. It’s helpful to understand ahead of time what you can ask to protect yourself and your home.

At A Affordable Roofing and Supply, we offer roof replacement, repair, and inspections. An inspection will tell you whether it’s time to replace or if you just need a simple repair.

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